The best artificial grass installation in Phoenix AZ

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Artificial grass installation is our main job. We also make excellent designs of backyard spaces for you and your family. You can be confident in our services, because we love what we do and give the best experience to our customers. Serving the cities of Phoenix, Queen Creek, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler and other cities in the state of Arizona.

Artificial grass installation

With our experts in artificial grass installation, you will have the space you want, beautiful and enjoyable. We use the best material, resistant to the high temperatures of Arizona, leaving a feeling of natural environment, whether for sports, residential or commercial areas.

Pavement Service

We have professionals in the installation of pavers for any type of area, around the installation of artificial grass, walk-paths, BBQ areas, or to enhance the look such as gazebos or fire pit areas just to mention a couple. We use water resistant, anti-slip material. In addition, the construction of pavers gives a touch of elegance to the streets.

Driveway Pavement

We have the right tools for each type of work and building driveways is no exception. Our staff is fully trained to work according to the space you want to develop. We take into consideration your ideas and transform them into a harmonious design for your home or commercial space giving it the desired functionality you, your family, friends, employees, and clients can enjoy.

BBQ Grills Construction

You can count on R&R Turf for the installation or construction of BBQ grill for backyard. We can design the entire area of your backyard where we integrate all the spaces so you can enjoy with your family and friends all the new amenities you love. We use high quality materials, guaranteeing a beautiful place and durability over time.

Fire Pits Construction

There are different types of Fire Pits, gas, or wood, we can design the perfect ambiance for your backyard, nights can be enjoyable throughout the year by adding a beautiful fire pit constructed or installed by R&R Turf. We use the ideal material for each type of fire pits, we are qualified experts for this type of work.

Sidewalks Construction

We perform this type of work for public or private areas, with an efficient and experienced team in the development of sidewalks resistant to heavy pedestrians, bicycles, and vehicles traffic we can execute a project fast. Sidewalks are no just pouring concrete; we can also make beautiful designs that set accordingly to your property.

The Best Artificial Grass Installation in Phoenix AZ

Enjoy your back patio and build long-lasting memories with your family

R&R Turf – Man installing artificial grass in Phoenix AZ
The best landscape construction company in Phoenix AZ

Why trust R&R Turf to create your backyard spaces?

We can give you many valid reasons to trust us, what is certain is that you will have an excellent backyard renovation with artificial grass installation, flooring, and amenities you desire. We work fast and provide the best garden service in Arizona. 

  • Best Quality 

We only use the best quality products and materials to deliver the best results for your project. In addition, we have qualified personnel to meet and even exceed the expectations of our customers. That is always our ultimate goal. 

  • Professional Values 

We are a company organized to give an answer to those who contact us; with great commitment to fulfill our work and do it in a satisfactory way for our clients. Because we want to transmit the ethics that characterizes us as professionals in the artificial grass and landscape construction industry. 

  • Personalized Attention 

We have qualified personnel to serve you efficiently. Wconsider the concerns, needs and preferences that our clients transmit when contacting us. In this way, we make you feel at home and in confidence with our undivided attention. 

  • Save Time and Money 

We manage our work in time stipulated by each of the parties, Company-Client. In addition, we help you to make your project come true, because we have the best prices in the market for landscape construction work and the creation of beautiful spaces. 

  • Good Results 

Good results are only achieved by creating an excellent teamwork, you can rest assure you will have the best results with R&R Turf. We pay attention to details, we are on time, and most importantly, we communicate updates on your project. 

  • Warranty and Trust

We provide warranty in our projects because we use the best materials, whether for artificial grass installation or paving stone. We develop high-quality work for our clients. Our trust is based on the respect and loyalty that our clients deserve.

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What our customers say

Our clientele is happy with the work done in their homes and other spaces that they enjoy so far in the company of their loved ones. Therefore, your opinion is what counts for us to continue giving the best of our services.

“I wanted a nice space on my balcony, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted an artificial grass installation. But it looks so natural that I have no regrets. Plus, I don’t have to mow it. I really enjoy my balcony with my kids. Great choice with R&R Turf” -Petra A

“Ever since R&R Turf did the artificial grass installation on my mini golf course, it has held up like the first day. And that was 3 years ago. It’s amazing how durable it is. I love their work and they were always available on my project; I highly recommend them.” -Omar C.

In my house there was a space with no use. And Mr. Vazquez gave me great ideas to give it life. And so, it was, they made me a beautiful backyard, with an artificial grass installation and also a barbecue and a driveway to the house. They work very well and are very professional. -Ana J.

a puppy lying on artificial grass installation outside in the yard
Just like our clients, you will have an experience that will improve your quality of life and therefore that of your family. 
Install your artificial grass anytime
with R&R Turf in Phoenix Arizona.” 


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