Reasons why artificial turf is so resistant to constant traffic

Resistant artificial turf. Are you looking to renovate a space in your home that is constantly used and you want it to always look nice to the eye? Regardless of the area you want to remodel, whether it is the garden, recreation area, playground or surfaces for a particular event, suggests a good alternative.

But there is always the doubt, if it will really resist a lot of traffic or if it will lose its aesthetic shape. What is certainly remarkable, is that the feeling of freshness and good atmosphere that transmits the lawn, is what makes many people today, use it to remodel and innovate.

In this post, you will learn the reasons why wear-resistant artificial turf is profitable for high traffic places, not only at home, but also for offices, hotels, restaurants, among others. Let’s find out!

Reasons for the resistance of artificial turf

Resilient synthetic turf is manufactured and designed to adapt to any area of constant traffic, no matter how much furniture you place on it. But, even considering this assertion, you will probably feel the need to go there, to be absolutely sure that your investment will be worth it.

If you fall into the range of people who want compelling reasons to be absolutely sure of this, here we will give you the reasons that characterize it as resistant:

  1. All the turf we manufacture is subjected to resistance tests for a continuous use of 20 years. Once they are exposed to an abrasive process, they do not suffer any type of failure.
  2. Its useful life is programmed to be used for a minimum of 20 years. This is where we ensure that your investment is guaranteed and will give you the opportunity to enjoy green, pleasant and safe areas.
  3. Its memory effect is what makes it more attractive and valued by our customers. By this we mean that the fibers that make it up are designed to return to their normal state once they are walked on. They do not lose their aesthetic shape.
  4. Our durable artificial grass is manufactured with high quality products and materials, so that its properties do not lose their value, nor their essence over the years.

Want to know more about it? Read on to the end.

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Sites with the highest traffic

Below, you will learn which are the places considered to have the highest traffic, where wear-resistant artificial turf can be your perfect ally:


Hotels, for a long time, have been considered places where many people go, either for work, leisure or for an event. Many people even visit them to make use of a bar or restaurant that they assume to be of very good quality.

Thinking about this, you can decorate the terraces, the floor of the rooms or any other space for events. Believe me that the effect you will achieve, will be perfect and captivating.


When we talk about public roads, where traffic is even higher, the ideal is to have a lawn with excellent capacity for abrasion. It will give a unique look to the streets and avenues and it means a greater saving of natural and financial resources, since its maintenance will require less use of water and lower costs than natural grass.


In office areas, placing this product is very innovative and elegant. Usually, offices are frequently transited places and it would be perfect to give this particular touch, to avoid major efforts, as it is required by a traditional floor.


There are spaces in a house, both outdoors and indoors, that you have thought to cover with artificial turf, for example, the terrace, balcony, gardens, among others. If so, I confess that what you achieve is very pleasant. Do not hesitate and consult which would be the one that best suits that favorite space in your home.


Will it be recommended for spaces where there are children frequently? If you’ve had your doubts, well, you’re wrong. They are designed for this and more pressing places. Remember that the maintenance is super easy and it returns to its natural state after receiving many footsteps.


Thinking of a soccer field for example? Don’t hesitate, heat-resistant artificial turf is recommended for this very active sport with heavy footfall. It is much more cost-effective and more comfortable than natural grass. In addition, it has a longer life span and remains in perfect condition.

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Advantages of daily use

More and more people are joining the use of artificial turf, considering that there are many advantages offered by this product. Here we will mention the most important ones:

  1. Easy maintenance with low resources: no great amount of money or time is needed to keep them always in good condition, using only soap and water when it is necessary to remove a lot of dirt will be enough.
  2. Use of less water: as is well known, natural grass requires constant maintenance, where water is needed almost daily. Artificial lawns do not need constant watering, which saves water.
  3. It can be applied in different spaces: its versatility allows it to adapt to different environments and settings, giving a fresh and natural look.
  4. Long service life: quality plays an important role and its level of wear will depend on this.

Benefits of hiring a professional artificial turf installation company

Among the benefits that can be obtained by hiring a professional company to carry out the installation, we can mention the following:

– Ensures that it is in optimum condition.

– You will get advice from the one that best suits your needs.

– The results will be as expected, with a first-class service.

That’s right, a specialized company will be able to certify the quality that your investment implies and requires.

R & R Turf, will certainly be able to help you to make your project look incomparable, with the support of its team of professionals trained and certified for this purpose.

Do you live in the United States? We can offer you artificial turf installation service in Scottsdale Az. contact us!


Resistant artificial grass is an innovative alternative that is making its way into the decoration of different areas, both inside and outside the home, hotels, restaurants, game rooms and offices.

There are many people who every day join this transformation, to give a touch of freshness and versatility to their favorite spaces. In addition, due to its multiple benefits and advantages, wear-resistant artificial turf allows for a longer useful life, with easy maintenance and low use of resources, both natural and monetary.

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