The balcony of your dreams with artificial turf from R & R Turf

Do you dream of having a super cozy balcony? The balcony lawn is an excellent option to give a radical change to that small space in your home that you love so much. Go from having a cold and unattractive space, to having the balcony that you long for, making an incursion into the innovation of modern spaces.

How can you achieve it? Lean on professionals in the area, who will undoubtedly help you design the best ideas to transform your balcony with artificial turf, in that little corner where you will not want to leave, with the style and decoration that you like the most.

In this article, you will be able to determine what are the advantages of decorating your balcony with R & R Turf artificial grass, with the best options to design and install it in the most ideal way. Join me to enjoy this information and make the most of it!

Advantages of R & R Turf artificial turf for your balcony


R & R Turf, is a company recognized for offering its customers high quality products, guaranteed and super attractive prices. It has a margin of delivery of the product, immediately upon receipt of the order or no later than 24 hours after your request.

With almost 50 years in the market, it has become the leading manufacturer of lawns, with very modern facilities and innovative machinery, which allow it to offer its users high-end products. It is for all these qualities, that we will mention the advantages that you will obtain, when acquiring your Lawn with us.

Day after day, artificial grass is a product that is becoming more and more popular for landscaping and decoration. Its impeccable appearance and realistic finish, very little different from natural grass, makes it captivating to the eye and ideal to give a special touch to your balcony.

But why buy it with R & R Turf? Let’s take a look at the reasons below:

  • Your product is insured, so you will not have any problem with your purchase. As they are guaranteed products, in the event of any non-conformity, the company is responsible for attending to your request in full.
  • You can do the remodeling you’ve always dreamed of, within your budget.
  • It is safer, easy to maintain and very hygienic.
  • Supports any furniture, so you don’t have to limit yourself in your decoration.
  • Our team of professionals guarantee a fast and certified installation.
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Design and decoration of the balcony of your dreams with R & R Turf


Do you want to design and decorate the balcony of your dreams? Contact our experts, who have the experience and creative professionals, who will help you design and create the best decoration for you to have the perfect balcony with artificial grass.

Do not limit yourself thinking that the space you have on your balcony is too small, even if you think so, there are techniques that can make the most of that space, how is it possible? Surely the R & R Turf team will make that small area the favorite place for your distraction and relaxation.

There are infinite possibilities and alternatives, of course, it is normal for your mind to get restless and think that it may be a bit complicated. But, surely you have heard the saying “Shoemaker to his shoe”, right? Certainly, if you are not an expert in this subject, you will not be able to take full advantage of it, so do not waste time thinking about how you will do it by yourself and rely on our professionals.

Ideas for the installation of artificial turf on my balcony


Tired of always seeing the same look on your balcony? This will be a thing of the past when you go from traditional flooring, to laying the artificial grass balcony carpet. The renewed look it gives to your floor, is delightful.

Some ideas we can suggest for turf installation are as follows:

– The first thing you should do is to measure the space you want to remodel, so that later you can request the amount of meters needed to cover the area.

– Carefully cut the lawn according to the requirements of your balcony. There are dimensions of the space that with the same piece you can cover it, without the need to cut it.

– Once cut, spread it on the surface and glue it homogeneously, so that it guarantees an optimum resistance during all the days of the year.

Do you know what the best part is? You won’t have to worry about rain or any other meteorological agent, since it is manufactured to withstand water, since it drains up to 60 liters of water per square meter in a fraction of seconds.

You don’t have to stress about temperature changes either, since it is heat resistant. So just take care of the furniture you want to place in it, to give it the personal touch of decoration that you like.

Another aspect that makes its installation interesting is that you will not be a slave to maintenance, since it is a simple process and requires the minimum attention necessary to maintain its prodigious appearance.

You do not have to mow it or fertilize it, with a minimum dose of irrigation is enough. These features are what make it attractive compared to natural grass, which means a significant saving of natural and financial resources.

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R & R Turf as the company that meets your expectations


When we are looking to renovate the look of our home, it is true that we always want the best so that everything looks great. But beyond that, we look for products of excellent quality, that are durable and that the manufacturer meets our expectations.

This is what you will achieve if you put your balcony remodeling in our hands. The long trajectory, experience and quality service, is what makes the difference with the rest of the competition. Put your project at our disposal. R & R Turf, for sure will exceed your expectations and will make your dreams come true with your balcony turf.

Do you live in USA? We also offer balcony lawn installation services in Chandler Az. Contact us!


The balcony lawn is today an excellent alternative to give a different, modern and innovative touch to that corner of your home. There are many advantages offered by having a balcony with artificial turf, where apart from giving a phenomenal view to your space, it requires fewer resources and a minimum dose of maintenance.

It is a dream that you can make come true, with the support of a qualified company that offers quality products, good service, having as a final result to exceed your expectations.

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