How to lay artificial turf for golf courses?

El césped de golf sintético es una excelente alternativa para muchos campos de golf. Por un lado, porque es muy económico a la hora de mantenimiento y por otro lado, porque tiene durabilidad y belleza.

Todo el mundo sabe que el golf es un deporte que requiere un buen terreno para tener un juego perfecto. Los campos de golf artificiales necesitan una excelente preparación del espacio y un correcto drenaje.

Al colocar césped sintético para un campo de golf, debe verse lo más natural posible. Por eso, a la hora de elegirlos, debemos asegurarnos de que sean de buena calidad. Pero, ahora surge esta pregunta y debemos responderla : ¿cómo instalar césped sintético para campo de golf?


Steps to install artificial synthetic grass for putting greens


  • The space where the installation will be developed must be taken into consideration
  • It is advisable to have a good extension of land.
  • Prepare the terrain according to the client’s preference. This in case you want to make slopes, curves or any other type of obstacles you want.
  • Approximately 5 centimeters of topsoil should be removed.
  • Herbicide must be applied to prevent weeds from growing.
  • The next step is to backfill the area with a lot of gravel up to 5 cm thick.
  • Then, we must proceed to compact the soil using professional machinery. This in order to prevent it from sinking when we step on it.
  • A geotextile mesh should be added to prevent unwanted plants from growing.
  • The location of the holes should be well analyzed before doing so. The next step is to make the holes where the holes will be.
  • The next step is to measure and proceed to mow the lawn.
  • The textures and colors of the artificial grass should be taken into account to make it look natural.
  • Try to join the joints so that they are visible.
  • Apply the glue and join them exactly.
  • Fill the artificial turf with silica sand.
  • Use a strong brush to make the grass stand upright and the sand well spread out.
  • We water the area so that the sand settles.

Models of artificial turf for golf courses


If you want to install golf turf, it is necessary to take into account the different existing models before starting your project.

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Model of Artificial Turf for Tee Tee:

  • It has a height of 35/40 mm
  • It has a density of 57,960 stitches per m2 with 7,700 Dtex.
  • It can be installed with enough sand in its inner part in order to be able to nail the tee.

Artificial turf models for Fairway:

  • It has a height of 35/40 mm.
  • Comes in several models
  • It should always be used using sand filler.

Artificial turf models for Rough:

  • They are 50 mm high

Golf Putt Model

  • has a height of 16 mm
  • It is composed of textured polypropylene monofilaments.
  • Its stitch density is 65,100 stitches per m2.
  • Ideal for practicing putting and chipping techniques.

Golf Pro model

  • It is composed of textured polyethylene
  • It is characterized by a height of 16 mm
  • Its stitch density is 84,000 stitches per m2.
  • It is ideal for practicing and performing medium-high ball rolling.
  • It stands out for its olive green color, which imitates freshly cut natural grass.

Advantages of artificial turf for golf courses


The advantages of using artificial turf are numerous, here are some of them:

  • You can enjoy the game 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • You can save a lot of water compared to natural grass.
  • It can withstand any type of weather.
  • Fertilizers are not necessary
  • It is totally hygienic so you can forget about allergies and bacteria.
  • It will guarantee an optimal ball rebound due to its uniform texture.
  •  In the field of aesthetics you can always count on a green field.
  • It produces the sensation of being on a natural lawn.
  • It will allow the ball to roll smoothly.
  •  You have the possibility that there is an optimal ball speed.
  • It will ensure ideal posture and coordination.
  • Does not damage the soil under the lawn
  • Carbon emissions that can be created by mowers are minimized.


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Company in Arizona that builds golf courses


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