How to install artificial turf on concrete?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Installing an artificial turf depends on where it is going to be laid. It is usually installed on different surfaces. It will provide a decorative element and also to enjoy walking on it.

But if we are planning to lay turf on a concrete surface, the question arises: How to install artificial turf on concrete? The answer is simple and we can find out in a short time.

The interesting thing about installing turf on concrete is that it is a smooth, compacted and level surface. So the installation will be fast and without much effort.

Existing models of synthetic turf can be installed in a few steps and have a high drainage capacity. All that remains is to measure the space and start the installation.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Steps for the installation of synthetic turf on concrete


The steps to follow are very simple, you should consider following them one step at a time so that our installation is perfect.

  • A planning of the artificial turf installation should be made.
  • Laying artificial turf.
  • Applying the self-adhesive strip
  • Fixing the artificial turf to the concrete.
  • Finishing touches after installatio

Material to be used for concrete or concrete turf installation


The materials used in this project are listed below:

  • Self-adhesive band.
  • Artificial turf.
  • Tape measure.
  • Brush for artificial turf

How to lay artificial turf on concrete

It is necessary to prepare the surface

Before starting our installation, it is essential that the surface is clean. This procedure will ensure that we can place the artificial turf strip on the concrete without any inconvenience.

Time to cut the artificial turf

Once the area is clean, proceed to unroll the artificial turf roll. It is recommended to do it on a wall and on the widest side to be able to cut it well. Another important detail is to cut one piece and then cut the others with the same measure, always taking into account the direction of the strands.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”2190″ img_size=”large” alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]

Proceed to glue the artificial turf strips

In order to place the self-adhesive strips so that they fit perfectly, it is necessary to glue them to the face of the inner turf. This means the side of the turf that faces the concrete.

Time to glue artificial turf on concrete

When it comes to fixing the artificial turf, there are several methods to choose from:

  • The first method is to use a double-sided tape. You stick the tape to the cement, then remove the protective tape and proceed to fix the strips of grass cement, making a little pressure.
  • The second method is to use glue for this purpose. A brush can be used to spread the product along the edges of the grass strips. Then, pressure is applied to make it stick well.
  • The last and third method is to use a drill, staples or nails to fix the edges.

Time to brush and/or vacuum the lawn

Finally, the process is finished by using a hard cell brush to brush the strips against the strands. Likewise, sanitizers can be used to eradicate bad odor and/or dirt.

Some practical tips for installation


  • Pay special attention when using glue to install artificial turf as it will be necessary to first spread the bonding strip and then apply the glue.
  • It is often recommended to use silica sand on the surface after installation but it is not as necessary. However, if you use it you will be able to:
  • Enjoy the comfortable feeling of artificial turf and make our footsteps pleasant.
  • It allows the grass fibers to maintain their upright position, thus providing greater support.
  • In summer time it allows the lawn not to heat up and can be refreshed with a little water for better comfort.
  • If you decide to place the sand, it is necessary to spread it evenly over the entire surface and brush it.
  • Try to let the sand settle completely so that it is not visible in the lawn.
  • Surfaces should be leveled to avoid puddles of water.
  • If there is a drain, you can place the artificial turf without any inconvenience because the water will be able to drain through it.
  • If you prefer, you can mow the lawn in a “u” shape to ensure that the water runs off without any problem.
  • If you want to keep your lawn in good condition, it is recommended to brush it weekly to take care of the fibers.
  • Water the lawn so that dust does not accumulate in the fibers and it looks dull and dirty.
  • It is important to note that when the temperature is below 0° do not water the lawn as this will damage the latex
  • If you use hygiene products on the lawn, it is advisable to mix them with water to make them milder.
  • If chemicals are used on artificial turf without due care, the artificial turf may lose its warranty.

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