Guide: Installing Artificial Turf above Ground

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Artificial turf is becoming more popular every day, it could be said that it is fashionable. Many people decide to install synthetic grass in their gardens, commercial or recreational spaces, due to its benefits. For example, its installation is simple, requires minimal maintenance and favors economic savings in the long term.

Synthetic grass has become the ideal solution to create beautiful spaces on all types of surfaces. Its appearance is very similar to real grass, because its appearance and textures have been improved. This guarantees gardens and areas that are always perfect and green.

This guide has been designed to explain you step by step, how to install artificial turf over soil. Also, as in R&R Turf we can provide you with this service, especially if you are located in Arizona. Or, if you decide to install it yourself, we can give you advice during the whole process.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

How to install artificial turf on the ground?

Here we are going to give you a detailed, but summarized guide of the steps to follow for the installing synthetic grass on land:

1.    To adapt or prepare the land

Before installing artificial turf on the ground, it is necessary to remove all the weeds from the surface. This can be done with a hoe or a power tiller. Afterwards, water mixed with an herbicide should be spread over the entire area to prevent these plants from growing again after the lawn has been laid.

Then the entire surface is leveled with sand or gravel. Abundant water is sprinkled. And finally, a roller is used to compact the soil, leaving a firm surface, without holes and optimal for the installation of synthetic grass.

2.    Installation of anti-weed netting

It is extended and fixed with nails every meter to prevent it from moving. Likewise, a fold is made at the edges, and it is secured as well as possible to the ground. It is advisable to overlap the mesh strips.

3.    Measure the surface well and plan the layout of the artificial turf

Sod cuts should be made before installation synthetic grass. So, spread the grass strips over the weed netting, making sure that the fiber is in the same direction. After cutting and before joining, it is advisable to remove the imperfections on the edges.

Then the pieces are placed with a margin of approximately 0.5 cm of separation (depending on the model of synthetic turf) and the joint is combed. This ensures that the joints between pieces are invisible and look as natural as possible.

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4.    Laying of the artificial turf on the weed control netting

A self-adhesive strip is applied to the joints of the pieces. Then, the pieces of grass are folded and joined together while the adhesive protector is removed. Next, the joints are checked to make sure that the grass hairs have not stuck to the adhesive strip. As a result, the joints will not be visible to the eye.

Finally, the turf is fixed with nails every meter. Reinforcing the fixation in the areas where there are joints, and at the edges. This will prevent it from slipping or peeling off.

5.    Cover all synthetic turf with silica sand

This is optional, but it provides a sense of comfort, and keeps the turf hairs together. It also helps the turf stay cool in the summer.

Likewise, a stiff bristle or electric brush should be passed in the opposite direction to the fiber, in order to lift the hair from the lawn and balance the amount of sand.


What material do you require to install synthetic turf on soil?


The materials required for the installation of artificial turf are as follows:

  • A ruler for measuring.
  • A cutter or scalpel to make the cuts.
  • Weed control netting to cover the entire surface before sodding.
  • Herbicide to spread on the surface after preparation.
  • Artificial turf rolls as required.
  • Self-adhesive tape for artificial turf for joints.
  • Hammer and nails to fix both the weed barrier and the artificial turf.
  • Silica sand to cover the turf after installation.
  • Electric or hard bristle brush.


Practical tips for installing artificial grass


There are several tips that can help you, so that if you decide to install the lawn by yourself, it will be perfect. For example, it is advisable to make a small plan of the whole area so that you have a clear idea of the total space you need to cover. And also, the amount of anti-weed mesh and rolls of grass you need.

Likewise, when spreading the grass on the surface, make sure that the hairs are in the same direction. This will make it look more natural. And it won’t have unsightly shapes or bumps on its surface.

Finally, make a sketch specifying the places where you have to cut the lawn, due to the presence of a tree or any other obstacle. This way, you will make better use of the material. You won’t have too much or too little.

Advantages of installing artificial grass


The installation of artificial turf has many advantages. As an example, we can mention some of them:

  • No matter what season it is, you will always have a beautiful green lawn.
  • You can place it wherever you like: indoors or on the ground.
  • You save money on maintenance. You don’t have to buy pesticides, fertilizers or fillers. At most, you only need to water it.
  • You won’t have to worry about your lawn attracting pests and other critters like grubs and ants.
  • Artificial grass does not produce allergies.
  • Artificial turf is environmentally friendly and totally ecological.

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Artificial Turf Installation Service Phoenix AZ


If you’re thinking about laying artificial turf, and you’re wondering where can I get artificial turf installers near me, you’re in the right place. R&R Turf provides you with this service, especially if you are in Phoenix.

At R&R Turf we have trained, professional and experienced installation technicians. We can provide you with a comprehensive and personalized advice. Apart from the staff, we have the best equipment and comply with all safety standards in times of Covid-19. You can contact us and we will be glad to help you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]