Heat resistant artificial turf? How do I know if it is the right one to install in Arizona?

Should I use a heat-resistant artificial turf? The temperature of the area where you are going to place the artificial turf is very important, it will determine if you need a heat resistant turf or not. In areas like Arizona where temperatures reach their highest levels in summer, it is convenient and necessary to use this type of turf.

There are many different types of lawns, all of them used for different purposes and suitable for each place to be used. But join us to discover which are the types of lawns that exist, the materials they are made of, how they are made, which one is suitable for an area like Arizona and where to find professionals in this subject.

Artificial Turf Fiber Main Features


If you have decided to buy an artificial turf, it is important to consider some elements. They will vary depending on the use you are going to give to the artificial turf, for example, let’s see.


The height of artificial turf used for decorative purposes is commonly between 20 mm and 50 mm. Taller grasses do not recover their position as quickly so it is more difficult to keep them upright, you must be constantly brushing the lawn in the opposite direction. So if you have little time to keep your lawn in good condition, we recommend a short fiber lawn.


The most common color used is green, in various shades. However, there is another range of colors that are used such as red, blue or black. These are widely used especially in events, fairs, merchandising and interiors. So you can use it according to your need.


As for the density we could mention that it is closely related to the thickness of the fiber. If it has a very thick fiber the density does not need to be very high, if the fiber is less thick the density should be higher.

These aspects are useful to consider because they can make you make a good decision when buying. For example, if you are going to buy artificial grass for a trade show and you want to create an original and eye-catching environment, you can change the green color for a red color and get a special touch.

If on the other hand you want to buy an artificial lawn to create a garden space at home and you do not have much time to keep it in good condition, it is a good option to buy a short fiber one. It is a good option to buy one of short fiber, so it will always remain in good condition.

Characteristics of artificial turf


If you are undecided between buying artificial turf or natural grass, we will show you some features or advantages of artificial turf that may help you decide, let’s see:

  • It allows you to choose color, fiber height and styles. In short, you can customize the grass you will use, so to speak.
  • You won’t have to water, so you won’t have to worry about setting aside time for this work or lack of water.
  • You will not spend on fertilizers or other products for its natural maintenance.

Types of artificial turf


The types of turf are classified according to several aspects that compose it, let’s see:

According to their material of manufacture

  • Polyethylene (PE): this material is the most used in turf for decoration because its fiber is more docile and durable.
  • Polypropylene (PP): it is a very resistant material, so it is used to make the curly base of the turf.
  • Polyamide (PA): this material gives a very shiny finish, it is generally used to give complementary touches, to generate consistency.
Types artificial turf - 0002

According to its shape

  • Rectangular shape: this shape is the simplest and least expensive. It is a very docile fiber, so manufacturers generally make them with more density to keep them upright.
  • U-shape with central rib: this fiber with central rib or thicker yarn gives it more capacity to stand upright, so the density in this type is lower. Most of them are higher in height.
  • Moon shape with central rib: this model is very resistant and highly resilient.
  • Diamond shape: this type is state-of-the-art, as it has a high resilience and softness.
  • C-shape: this grass shape has the advantage of high resilience and softness. Therefore, it is very convenient to use it in very busy areas.

According to quality

  •  Anti UV: Lawns are usually subjected to high temperatures in summer or in very hot areas. Therefore, those with UV treatments are the ones that will better resist the heat, do not heat up and will not lose their color.
  • Technical studies: There are also those lawns that are subjected to technical studies to verify their resistance to certain agents. Such as chlorine, humidity, wear, thermal contrast, high temperatures or UV rays.

How synthetic turf is manufactured

The manufacturing process of synthetic turf starts when the polyethylene pellets are weighed, then it goes through a melting and compression process. Mixing the colored polyethylene with the transparent one. It is melted at a temperature of 200 C, and when it is liquid, the yarns are formed.

As the yarns are formed, they receive thermal shocks, which allows them to harden. Then they are stretched and subjected to further heat treatment. And finally they are thinned with a roller, then the next step is to sew the threads in the base of the carpet, this is made of polypropylene, which is very convenient because it gives a lot of stability.

Arizona heat resistant garden materials - 0002


The children are sewn together and then, to fix them, they are taken to the oven to be adhered by thermal melting. Finally, holes are drilled with an ultrasound system that allows a clean hole in the carpet. Once this process is finished, technical studies are carried out to check its durability and quality, after which it is ready to be sold.

Type of turf to install in Arizona


The key element when purchasing a turfgrass for an area like Arizona is heat. Yes, it is convenient that the selected turf resists high temperatures. Like those that occur in Arizona in summer between 40 and 50 centigrade. It is very important that the turf resists the heat and does not get hot, so that it is not a risk of burning by walking barefoot on hot grass.

Consequently, you should look for grasses made of Arizona heat-resistant garden materials. As we already learned in the types of turf we described at the beginning. Within the classification of the type according to their quality there are the anti-UV and the technical studies, this is the one you should focus on when looking for turf for an area like Arizona.

But in addition to this, we recommend you to look for a professional in the heat resistant installation of synthetic grass in Arizona. Because we know that it is a lawn that must be installed properly, by people who know what is necessary to install it, taking care that it is a special installation for heat-resistant grass.

In this sense we recommend RR Turf, specialist in artificial turf installation in Queen Creek Az. They have the best specialists in heat resistant artificial turf, so not only will you have a good installation but also a qualified staff that will help you choose a good quality turf suitable for the temperature of this area.

You will not have to worry about anything, just choose a color or shape of grass that you like, leave the rest to the experts. So go to their website today, contact their professionals and make an appointment, so you can install in your home the right lawn for the temperature of your area and with the best installation.

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