Synthetic grass installation – Benefits and disadvantages

If you are looking for a practical resource for arid areas where the garden does not flourish no matter how hard you try. Synthetic grass installation is your best option. It is very versatile and due to its great variety it has the capacity to adapt to any perimeter or terrain. It is used in gardens of homes, companies, recreational areas, communities, parks, etc.

In recent years, when everything is being modernized, it has had a great boom as a landscaping solution, since you can get your lawn green all year round. Many are taking the step to innovate by using original designs and making their decoration exotic. What should not be overlooked is to know the artificial grass before deciding to install it.

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What is artificial grass and why is it used in garden construction?



It is a carpet made of synthetic polypropylene and plastic materials that mimics the natural grass well maintained without the maintenance of a real grass. In its composition are lined several layers column, cushioning, drainage and padding that gives it that thick consistency usually in cork or rubber material.

Those who opt for this type of resource are motivated by many factors: unsuitable terrain for the climate, home environment or minimize the time to maintain a natural garden. However, it has been very noticeable how the quality and diversity of synthetic grass installation has improved over time.

Before making the decision to lay it, it is good to evaluate pros and cons to see if the best option is the artificial turf carpet. Let’s take a look at some advantages.


Benefits of synthetic grass installation


  • Green, beautiful appearance all year round, no matter the weather and no need to spray herbicides to kill weeds or run the mower.
  • Reduction of water, chemical and fertilizer costs when installing synthetic grass.
  • A synthetic grass installation saves you time, since it saves the maintenance effort.
  • An artificial grass carpet can be laid on any surface, even delicate materials such as parquet.
  • Wide variety of styles, colors, sizes to harmonize with the environment and personal tastes.
  • Suitable for children and pets as it is a clean and hygienic product, with no risk of use.
  • Synthetic grass installations drain and displace water.
  • If installed well, it gives an elegant look to the surroundings of the pools.
  • It does not deform with temperature changes, remaining as natural as possible.
  • The synthetic grass installations are respectful with the environment since it is ecological, recyclable.


Disadvantages of synthetic grass Installation


  • Due to its composition and the fibers used in its production, it is an expensive investment.
  • When temperatures rise due to heat, they emit different odors that tend to be unpleasant.
  • Normally, because they are synthetic, they accumulate dry leaf debris and dust, even though they do not require much maintenance.
  • No concrete information on the impact on the small animals trapped underneath it has been released to date.
  • Accumulation of humidity due to rainfall with the consequent sequel as environmental contamination if not well channeled.
  • It is possible to burn the skin when rubbing the fibers abruptly, even though they are soft.

Uses of artificial grass in the creation of garden landscape


Seen from any point of view, it is the perfect ally for those who dare to let their imagination fly and create new garden designs, that is, it goes far beyond covering an area. In addition to the conventional use, it has an added value in decoration since it changes the look in a radical way and with great results.

This grass or artificial grasses are used to create mini relaxation areas in a room, terrace, restaurants. Similarly, in the construction of vertical gardens that line entire walls, creative lettering, doormats, indoor play areas, in short, a variety of uses and applications.

Because of its versatility, the installation of synthetic grass is practical, it is practical to install, as it is suitable for large or small spaces. There are those who prefer to be daring and use artificial grass in colors such as white, black, yellow, blue, red to transform more than any sports space.

An idea that has revolutionized is the construction of vertical gardens by lining entire walls with these synthetic grasses.

As we have already mentioned, it is very practical to install as it adapts to the need of large or small spaces.


I want a synthetic grass installation. Is there an installation company in Arizona?

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Yes, there are a number of companies that offer this type of services. In particular, we would like to recommend one that has been in the market for approximately 15 years. It offers products of recognized brand and quality being able to compete as one of the best in its style. Always at the forefront, and on par with new trends and technologies.

We are talking about R & R Turf, we are experts in synthetic grass installation. that stands out for its experience as artificial grass installers in Phoenix AZ and surrounding areas. They give you advice on how to make your choice among the wide range of artificial turf or artificial grass according to your needs. They help you in a practical way on how to prolong the optimum condition of the artificial grass fibers, without damaging it.

It does not require special care, but it is important how it is placed to maintain its aesthetics and originality.


Can I do the installation of synthetic grass in my garden by myself?

what dou you recommend?

At this point where you have evaluated disadvantages and decide to enjoy the advantages of installing artificial grass. And you want it to fulfill the function of decorating and giving it a different touch, do not try to do it yourself even if it seems simple. There are many mistakes that can be made. So, it is important to choose the right artificial grass installers.

At R & R Turf, we have highly qualified professional experts who know the techniques how to install artificial turf in Phoenix AZ. Certainly, they give you advice, guarantees, quality products and prices according to your budget and pocket.

Yes, the decision has already been made. Specify which one is the most suitable for the space you have in mind. Contact us from anywhere in Arizona, visit our synthetic grass installation company in person.

Summary of Benefits and Disadvantages of Synthetic grass Installation

garden designers synthetic grass installation service Phoenix AZ - 0001


Before making the decision to install it, it is important to know the product, its advantages and disadvantages. There are many factors that influence, saving time and resources in other cases so as not to be left behind in the advances, since its material is innovative. A unique touch.



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